In 2018, I worked at Logitech as an UX Design Intern with the AP Design team, which is located in Hsinchu City, Taiwan. During the internship, I had awesome opportunities to work on great products that were related to office and home environments. My role in the team was to research target markets, provide product solutions, work on user experience and user testing, and do prototyping with engineers.

This page shows the process of my internship. However, because of the sensitive nature of some projects, I am unable to showcase them publicly. If you're interested in learning more, I am happy to talk more about my work privately at .
UX Design Intern
Early Days
For the first 8 weeks, I started off by gathering existing products and working with marketing researchers to learn the best approach to conducting targets and solutions. I joined two under development projects working with product managers in Hong Kong and engineers in Suzhou, China. I explored and shared my solutions with the whole team, and did user interviews and testings with target users. I also presented our work to the larger team to receive feedback.
Innovation Event
In the last 4 weeks, I joined an innovation event to brainstorm some new product ideas. My responsibility is to support two innovation teams as a UI/UX designer. During the event, each team had a three-day sprint workshop. We went through inspirations, HMW questions, target interviews, and prototyping. My team delivered awesome results in a limited time.
Key takeaways
During this internship, to communicate with different teams across NA, EU, and Asia is a challenge. I learned how to talk about key points and integrate the results to the meeting shortly. Also, learning the professional design process gave me a great chance to provide and improve what I have learned in school. I'm so glad that I joined the Logitech design team and had a wonderful internship last summer.
A big thank you to the fantastic design team 😉