March 2019 - August 2019
SendASAP is a package delivery application that connects people with the best couriers in their cities. All you have to do is set up the locations, snap a photo, and let SendASAP handles the rest. Plus, seeing your delivery tracking in real-time.
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1 Product Designer
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How might we improve the package sending experience?
In the typical case, many of us feel challenging to send our packages through the post office or the delivery stores. For example, we have to go to the store in working hours. However, most of us are working in the office at that time. Then, the package we want to deliver will be delayed again and again.
How might we reduce the risk of losing packages?
On the other hand, we all have the experience that lost the packages after the courier delivered because we have no control over the delivery time. Even though most of the delivery services have a package tracking feature, it only shows the estimated delivery period.
Create the best package delivery application.
In this project, our client wants a brand new application that has a similar delivery flow like Uber, Lyft, or Dashdoor. After researching those applications, I have a more precise understanding of how to design a user-friendly delivery application.
Our goal is to build the first version as fast as possible and testing with users to get feedback and iterate on. Therefore, we have 3 goals of V1:
1. Narrow down the delivery area into the same city.
Users can only deliver packages to another person in the same city. This goal helps to reduce works of the development process to launch SendASAP faster.
2. Simplify the user flow to reduce the confusions.
In order to not confused the users, we decided to design the user flow as simple as possible. Our team took out all unnecessary process and build it into three main pages: New Request, My Request, and Account.
3. Switch from user to courier more convenient.
Users can also be our couriers! To make the switching process faster and more fluid, we separate users and couriers to two modes in the app.
We separated the information architecture into two maps, User and Courier.
For those design decisions, I want the users not only get more information on the pages but also not to confuse them.
Drop Down Screen
Instead of having more and more textboxes to cut down the map area, I decided to create an extra screen to handle the location and time information. Thus, users won’t be confused for too many information on the same page.
Package Status
After careful consideration with the team, we decided to add the package status on the Request page so that users can easily find a specific package they are looking for. Besides, I reorganized the packages into two categories, upcoming and previous requests.
Introducing to you SendASAP
Before signing up, the introductions let you quickly understand what SendASAP is and how we help.
Peer-to-peer delivery application
You can now send any packages to your friends and/or family all in one app.
Simple steps, and enjoy our service
All you have to do is set up the locations, snap a photo, and let the driver handle the rest.
Track the packages that you’re expecting
You can select multiple sized packages, and see your delivery tracking in real-time.
Switching the modes easily
Be our courier to earn extra in your free time! Only one step to switch to our courier mode.
Invision Prototype
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